Discolored and Stained Teeth

How we fix discolored and stained teeth

Fixing Stained Teeth Lynchburg
Fixing Stained Teeth Lynchburg

There are many ways we can fix discolored and stained teeth.  Less invasive options are whitening and resin infiltration.  Whitening gel can bleach your teeth to a lighter shade.  Resin infiltration can take care of chalky white stains on your front teeth that have been there since they came in or that showed up after your braces were removed.

Other options for fixing discolored and stained teeth are veneers, where we can place some tooth colored material over the stains and discolorations, sometimes without even removing any of your natural tooth structure.

There are many treatment options and we can prescribe different treatment options to you following a thorough evaluation of your teeth.

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