Sensitive Teeth

How we fix sensitive teeth

Sensitive Teeth
Sensitive Teeth

Sensitive teeth can suck all of the fun out of a delicious bowl of ice cream!  Teeth are normally sensitive for two reasons: either they have a cavity or the gums that normally cover the sensitive tooth root have receded.

If your sensitivity is due to a cavity, normally filling the tooth will solve your problem.  If the cavity is very deep and has gotten to the nerve, the tooth may need a root canal to get rid of the sensitivity.

Receding gums can also cause sensitivity.  The roots of your teeth have small channels that go straight to the nerve of your tooth.  While the part of the tooth that is visible in your mouth is covered in enamel which insulates the tooth from the temperature variations in your mouth, the roots of your teeth don’t have that benefit, thus causing sensitivity.  If you suffer form sensitivity caused by a receding gum line, there are many options to help:

  1. Using an anti-sensitivity toothpaste with an extra-soft toothbrush.  This can take several weeks to begin plugging up the small channels that lead to your nerve.
  2. We can apply an anti-sensitivity medicine to your tooth such as fluoride varnish or many other medicines.
  3. We can apply a thin layer of adhesive over the root of your tooth to cover up the channels.
  4. We can refer you to a gum specialist to reposition your gum tissue over the root or perform a gum graft over the root.
  5. We can do a filling over the root if you’ve started to wear away the root of your tooth.

Whatever is the cause of your sensitive teeth, we are here to help!

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