Missing Teeth

How we replace missing teeth

Missing Teeth
Missing Teeth

Many people are missing at least one teeth.  There are a variety of ways to fix missing teeth that can be divided into two main categories:

  1. Teeth replacements that are permanently attached inside of your mouth
  2. Teeth replacements that you can take in and out of your mouth

Permanently Attached Teeth Replacement Options

Patients usually prefer teeth replacement options that are permanently attached inside of their mouth as they feel more natural.  The downside is that they are more expensive.  The two options are replacement teeth that are permanently attached to dental implants (screws that are placed inside of your jawbone) and replacement teeth that are attached to your adjacent natural teeth.

A tooth that is attached to a dental implant looks and feels like your natural teeth and floss can be passed in front of and behind it.  The main drawback with this option is that you need to undergo a surgery to place the metal screw inside of your jaw.  Normally it needs to heal for a few months before a permanent replacement tooth can e placed on top of it.

A replacement tooth that is attached to the adjacent teeth is known as a bridge.  The advantage of a bridge is that it can be placed without a dental implant surgery.  However, bridges are harder to keep clean.  Since they are attached to the two adjacent teeth, it’s not possible to floss between them normally and you have to use other oral hygiene methods to keep them clean.

Removable Teeth Replacement Options

Removable teeth replacement options are known as partial dentures when replacing just one or several of your teeth and known as complete dentures when they replace all of your teeth.

While these aren’t as strong as the options that are permanently attached inside of your mouth, they are very aesthetically pleasing and difficult to tell from your natural teeth.  We use only the best labs so that you have an exceptional result.

If you have any questions on teeth replacement options, get in touch with us.

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