Cosmetic Dentistry

An overview of the cosmetic dental procedures that we provide

Cosmetic Dentistry in Lynchburg

I pride myself on making sure that the dentistry I provide is aesthetically-pleasing.  I have attended a number of continuing educations courses that discuss ways to ensure optimal aesthetic outcomes of varying treatments.

There are a variety of cosmetic procedures that we provide.

Teeth Whitening

Teeth whitening is the least invasive cosmetic dental option.  As we age, our teeth begin to yellow.  The bleaching agents in teeth whitening gel can get inside the tooth and whiten the areas that have turned yellow to make your smile bright and white.

We can make customized whitening trays for your teeth at a reasonable cost.  This will allow the whitening gel to hug your teeth more closely rather than running all over you mouth like some stock whitening trays that are available over the counter.  We also can provide professional strength gel that has ingredients in it to strengthen your teeth and prevent sensitivity that whitening can sometimes cause.

Internal Bleaching

Internal bleaching is a conservative way to whiten front teeth that have undergone a root canal procedure.  Sometimes after root canals  We go back into the hole that was sealed over after the root canal and put some bleaching material inside of your tooth.  After a few weeks, your tooth should match the shade that it used to be.

Resin Infiltration

Resin infiltration is a good option for removing chalky white spots on your front teeth.  It involves treating your teeth with a mild acid and then applying a colorless resin over your tooth that “infiltrates” inside your tooth to fill in the hypo-calcified chalky areas.

Tooth Recontouring

If your teeth have become chipped or jagged, one way to help is to smooth down the rough areas to recontour and return them to their natural shape.


Bonding refers to applying our tooth colored filling material to your teeth.  We have many different shades to match your exact tooth color.  Bonding allows us to correct imperfections on your teeth and fill in small gaps.


Veneers are like fake nails for your teeth.  Normally, we remove a small amount of your tooth structure to make room for the veneer.  In some cases, we don’t need to remove any tooth structure.  We then take an impression of your teeth and the lab makes a veneer to go over your tooth.  Veneers can be used to correct crooked teeth, imperfections in your teeth, chipped teeth, and many other aesthetic problems.


Crowns are similar to veneers, but they cover up the entire tooth.  Similar to a veneer, we trim down the tooth and then take an impression to send to the lab so that they can custom-make the crowns for your teeth.

If you have any questions regarding the cosmetic dental services that we offer, please get in touch with us.

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